Wire Rope Cable

Zauderer Associates has over 30 years in the mechanical cable industry and provides valuable guidance and engineering advice to help make your projects a success.

Zauderer Associates partners with a high quality manufacturer of cables and cable assemblies for a diverse collection of customers and industries. Our partner specializes in the technical manufacturing of miniature cables but also produce standard sizes as well. Our leading manufacturer is also ISO9001:2015 certified. Our partner does all design, engineering and manufacturing in-house and is highly experienced in all cable assemblies and medical applications.

Some Of The Industries We Serve:

Aerospace, Appliance, Boating & Marine, Electrical, Medical, Military & Defense, Robotics, Space, Sports & Outdoors, Transportation

Miniature Wire Rope,
Mechanical Cable

Fittings and

Aircraft & Industrial
Wire Rope Cable

Mil Spec Wire Rope
Cable Assemblies

Medical Wire Rope Cable
& Assemblies

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Determine the Strength of Wire Rope?

How To Determine the Strength of Wire Rope?

There is almost an endless number of wire rope applications that all have different strength and flexibility requirements. In order to determine your unique wire rope requirements, it is important to understand the basic configurations and characteristics of wire rope cable that determine its overall strength…

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How is Wire Rope Made?

There are many characteristics of wire rope cable that determine the unique manufacturing process needed and influences how wire rope is made. A few of the many characteristics will be further explored below as well as the basic manufacturing process.

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