Air Moving Components

Zauderer Associates has over 30 years working with air moving components and is able to help make sure you get the exact right product for your project, whether standard or customized products.

Zauderer Associates partners with a top manufacturers to deliver all of your air moving component needs. Our partner has a very broad product line, which includes a large stocked selection available for immediate shipment. They also have a strong engineering department that provides technical expertise and great customer service.

Some Of The Industries We Serve:

Agriculture, Commercial Cooking & Food Services, HVAC & Air Filtration, Power & Renewable Energy, Transportation

Fans &
Fan Blades

Motor Mounts & Welded
Wire Fan Guards

Motorized Air
Moving Packages

Learn More About Our Products

EC Motor and EC Fans

Click to learn about Electronically Commutated Motor (EC Motor or ECM) and EC fans as well as the difference between AC, DC and EC fans.

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Axial Fan Guide

Learn what an axial fan is and the main characteristics of axial fans. We are able to supply motorized axial fans using external rotor motors in AC, DC and EC versions.

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Airflow and Fans Overview

Learn about the various fans available as well as the software selection program that will allow you to find the exact fan to fit your needs.

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