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Our mission at Zauderer Associates has always been to provide our customers with excellent service while maintaining the highest standards. We are excited to continue this tradition of excellence in the future.

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Air Moving Components

Fans & Blades

Motor Mounts & Welded Wire Fan Guards

Motorized Air Moving Packages

Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum Extrusions

CNC Machining

Product Options

Expanded Metals

Expanded Metals

Coil, Sheets, Die Cut Shapes

Plastic Extrusion Profiles

Stock Plastic Extrusions

Custom Plastic Extrusions

Sneeze Guard Components & Hinges

Slatwall / Slatwall Covers

Plastic Injection Molding

Product Options

Polyurethane Films

Polyether & Polyester Films

Barrier Films

Breathable & Hot Melt Films


Single Ply

C Fold

Wire Rope Cable

Aircraft Cable & Wire Rope
Coated Cable
Custom Cable Assemblies
Fittings & Hardware
Tools & Additional Services

Roll Forming & Precision Sheet Metal

Precision Sheet Metal

Roll Forming

Springs, Wire Forms & Stampings

Furniture Springs

Mechanical Springs

Wire Forms


Zauderer Associates is your source for custom component parts and assemblies. We represent a wide range of products including fans & blades, motor mounts, welded wire fan guards, motorized air moving packages, aluminum extrusions, CNC machined parts, expanded metals, plastic extrusion profiles, plastic injection molded parts, polyurethane film, wire rope cable, roll formed parts, precision sheet metal, springs, wire forms, stampings and more. Our products can help you improve quality and efficiency, as well as be developed to meet your custom specifications. If you are looking for ways to innovate, improve end user satisfaction, solve complex engineering problems and invest in American business, we would be honored to have your trust and earn your business.

The Zauderer Associates Difference

Our Mission is to provide our principals and customers with excellent service while maintaining the highest integrity.

Zauderer Associates, Inc. has remained committed to the values, ethics and commitment to excellence ever since the company was created in 1954.