Polyurethane Film

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Polyurethane Films

Frequently Asked Questions About Polyurethane Film

Polyurethane Film

What is polyurethane film?

Polyurethane film is a flexible film that is also known as TPU film, urethane film or PU film.  Polyurethane film is low density, lightweight and heat resistant.  It is a highly flexible film that is frequently used due to its long-term durability and strength.

What are the benefits of using polyurethane films?

There are many benefits to using polyurethane film including its durability, waterproofing capabilities, breathability, and its resistance to abrasion.  It can also be customized to varying degrees of hardness, thickness, and colors. 

Can you supply medical grade urethane films?

Yes, our medical grade films meet the most stringent medical requirements and can be used for both internal and external applications.  Polyurethane films have many medical applications due to their ability to act as barrier film, a breathable film, as well as providing great stretch and elongation.  Medical grade films can also have anti-microbial and hypoallergenic additives.  There are many examples of medical applications for polyurethane film, including operating room drapes, hospital mattress, hospital sheets and pads, medical bags, surgical gloves and gowns, and bandages / wound care.

What everyday products use polyurethane films?

In addition to medical products, polyurethane films can also be found in various products including apparel, paint protection films for automobiles, film for phone screen protection, and flotation bladders.  Polyurethane film is often used in many “can’t fail” applications due to its strength, durability, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance.

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