Expanded Metals

Zauderer Associates has partnered with an expanded metal manufacturer for over 25 years. We are very knowledgeable in this industry and have long standing relationships with many customers.

The products produced are of high quality and are able to meet very demanding specifications. Our partner has all types of equipment enabling you to achieve your product needs. Equipment includes expanders, flatteners, slitters, die cutting tables, presses, roll formers, shear tables, extruders, unwinders, rewinders and upenders.

Some Of The Industries We Serve:

Aerospace, Agriculture, Construction, HVAC & Air Filtration, Medical

Expanded Metals

Coil, Sheets, Die Cut Shapes

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Expanded Metal Sizing Guide

In order to understand how to decide the correct expanded metal pattern and size for your project, it is important to understand what expanded metal is and basic expanded metal terminology.

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