Airflow and Fans Overview

Zauderer Associates has been representing companies involved in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR) for over 50 years.  

Zauderer Associates is currently partnering with a cutting-edge manufacturer of motorized fans and blowers with product sold into every HVACR industry including filtration, military/aerospace, railway and many more. Our principle has been in business for almost 40 years and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.  Our customers are basically anyone that requires air movement. Product offering is extensive and goes from tiny 1” square electronic cooling fans up to rooftop fans that can deliver over 10,000 CFM for a single fan and multi-fan, fan grids, that can deliver 30,000+CFM. Continued extensive engineering constantly leads to new designs that increase efficiency and/or decrease decibels (DBs). All fans have motors that are internal to the fan configuration, eliminating external motors, belts, and shafts, and other components that require extra space. Not only do our fans save space but normally run cooler, quieter, and are more efficient.

Software selection program

We offer a software selection program that can be downloaded and used by our customers free of charge. This software is continuously updated to add in our new designs that increase efficiency, DB’s or both. This software will allow you to select the fan type or to look at all fan types that meet your specific needs. You will only need to supply the desired CFM, Static Pressure of your application, and Voltage/Hertz. The software will allow you to download an 11 page PDF that includes fan curve, input power, efficiency, speed, current, airflow temperature, detailed fan drawing, fan technical data, documentation, sound data (DB’s), and wiring diagram. You will also be able to download a 3D file from the program. For fan grids you can add fans to the formula to then receive a download of all information based on multiple fans running simultaneously.

Types of fans available

Fan types available are as follows in AC, DC, and EC:

  • Axial fans – these are commonly used where you have low static pressure and DB’s are important. For more information on axial fans, please read our Axial Fan Guide.
  • Centrifugal forward curved fans – commonly used with higher static pressure and when DB’s is not as important and includes housing.
  • Backward Curved fans (also known as Plug Fans) – commonly used with much higher static pressures and in EC fan grid applications, can include module for mounting to your housing. These have the highest amount of DB’s.
  • Other fans available include High Performance fans, High Efficiency fans, Electronic cooling fans (muffin fans), Railway fans, Explosion Proof fans, Box fans, Tube fans, Duct fans, Roof fans, and Air Curtains, and more.

For more information on the types of air moving components that we sell, please click here.

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