Push-Pull Wire Rope
Cable Assemblies

What is a Push-Pull Cable Assembly?

Push-Pull and Pull-Push cable assemblies are terms used to describe a dedicated mechanical control device that provides a smooth and positive transmission of mechanical power or force to a remote location. You see and use them every day. The throttle control on your lawnmower, the seat adjuster in your car, aircraft and marine applications, HVAC controls, latch-release mechanisms, surgical robotic actuator controls, emergency release devices, clutch cables, handbrakes, hospital beds, reclining chairs, car hood and trunk releases, surgical instruments, furniture, robotic exoskeletons, spacecraft, camping and sporting equipment, fire suppression systems and many other applications.

How do you make a Push-Pull Cable Assembly?

A properly designed push-pull or pull-push cable assembly uses a solid wire or a wire rope to smoothly and with little friction, transfer motion from one point to the other. It transfers motion around corners and with limited loss of motion. A well designed, flexible wire rope cable assembly includes a casing that is properly sized for the appropriate solid wire or wire rope. Some of these casings will be nylon, impregnated with molybdenum disulfide and others will be galvanized, or galvanized with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lining.

The next design consideration will be specifying the proper bulkhead terminal(s). Whether they are made from stainless steel or brass will be dependent upon the environment and how it should be clamped in place. Once that is worked out, you’ll then need to decide what termination is needed for your application. What will this be attached to and how best to attach it? Next will be deciding on the proper push-pull control in either locking or non-locking fashion, to provide the motion desired.

Combining it all together into a Push-Pull Cable Assembly that works for you.

All the above is the easy part. Design requirements and application needs must be considered otherwise the Push-Pull cable assembly may not provide you with the motion you desire or the service life you need. We will customize a product for you, factoring in your travel dimension, the workload, the number of bends and their radii in your system, your factor of safety needed, proper mounting, proper performance, durability and the amount of motion needed.

Let us help you design your control cable, applying our years of experience and application knowledge, to provide you with a quality product, cost effectively and on time. 

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