Medical Wire Rope Assemblies

Examples of medical wire rope assemblies

Zauderer Associates, Inc. partners with a stranded wire rope cable manufacturer that has been specializing in the production of custom cable assemblies and components for almost 50 years. Over the years we have worked on and developed many miniature stranded stainless steel cable assemblies, used in a wide variety of medical equipment devices, improving our nation’s overall health.

Below you can find a list of examples of where our medical wire cable assemblies can be found:

  • Polyp retrievers, polyp snares, and polyp traps
  • Forceps
  • Angioplasty guide wires
  • Steerable catheters
  • Feeding tubes
  • Invasive and noninvasive surgical instruments
  • Gastrointestinal tools
  • Actuation mechanisms
  • Laparoscopy and endoscopy tools
  • Pharmacy robots
  • Surgical robots
  • Lasik instruments
  • Dental chairs and dental drills
  • Cable controls
  • Wheelchairs
  • Other surgical applications and so much more.

What materials should we use for our medical wire rope assembly?

Stainless-steel is the most common material used in most of the miniature wire rope cable devices, but there are a lot more options. Some of our customers are using, based on their application, Nitinol, Tungsten, Vitallium, Inconel, Molybdenum and Dacron. Tungsten is becoming very popular because of its flexibility, durability, fatigue resistance and its ability to go even smaller in diameter than some stainless-steel cables can, with the same break strength. The ability to wrap around a small diameter pulley is another great advantage with Tungsten.

Why work with us on your medical wire assembly project?

Having been in this business for such a very long time, we have the knowledge, talent and resources available to us, to be able expedite your assembly with a focus on quality, costs, value and nimbleness, in this ever changing domestic and international, medical equipment environment.   Our ISO 9001:2015 certification, FDA registration, RoHS and REACH standards, experience, extensive documentation and quality assurance will help meet you and your customer’s expectations.

Need us to electro-cut the parts?  Grind the ends?  Passivate?  Mark?  Package?  Proof Load? Certify?  Be Biocompatible? Disposable? Renewable and Sustainable material used?  Let us help!

Give us a call or send us a drawing as we would love to show you what we can do.  Let us work with you on your next prototype and engineer into your product, the benefit of our experience.

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