Filtration Components

See below for specific product and manufacturing highlights:

  • Engineering support through the entire manufacturing process
  • Tooling is completed in-house and typically completed within 6-12 weeks
  • Molding capabilities include Injection Molding and Stretch Blow Molding
  • Materials Available: PFA, FED, PVDF, ETFE, ECTFE
  • Production of Fluoropolymer Products
    • Weight – custom parts can be molded from just a few grams up to 2 kg
    • Size – custom parts can be molded form just a few mm up to 30 cm long and 50 cm in diameter
  • Secondary Operations
    • Machining
    • Surface Finishing
    • Non-Contact Welding
    • Laser Marking
    • Laser Engraving
    • Assembly
    • Post-cleaning
    • ISO Class 7 Cleanroom Assembly
  • Final Qualifications and Project Approval to ensure product performance
    • Product testing
    • Dimensional inspection
    • Trace Metals Testing
  • Supply Chain Security of fluropolymer resins

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