How to Choose Plastic Extrusions and Polyurethane Films: FAQs

Choosing the best plastic extrusion and polyurethane film is an important step in the manufacturing process. But with so many options, how can manufacturers know if they are choosing the right one? At Zauderer Associates, our sales team are professionals at helping manufacturers just like you find the best option, be it stock or custom. 

Read on to learn about some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to selecting the best plastic extrusions and polyurethane films for any job.

Plastic Extrusions and Profiles

What are plastic extrusions? Plastic extrusions are created through a process by which plastic resin is melted, then extruded or pressed through a die, into one continuous piece. Plastic extrusions can be cut to almost any length and the profile can be formed or welded into a final shape. Plastic extrusions are a great choice because they are lightweight, provide excellent corrosion and cold resistance, and can be custom designed and integrated into the manufacturing process. 

What is the availability of stock and custom plastic profiles and extrusions?

Both stock and custom plastic profiles and extrusions are available through Zauderer Associates. Instant quotes are available for a variety of stock profiles and extrusions. Items that are commonly in stock include: 

  • C-Channels
  • H-Channels
  • J-Channels
  • L-Channels
  • U-Channels
  • Miscellaneous Channels
  • Slatwall Extrusions

If our stock extruded profiles and extrusions do not meet your needs for any reason, custom profiles to your print can be made to meet almost any requirement, including size, tolerances, raw materials, colors and secondary operations. Custom extrusions and channel prototypes are available for testing purposes, and fast quotes are available from our sales team.

What kinds of customization are available for plastic profiles and extrusions?

Many different kinds of customizations are available for plastic profiles and extrusions. Common customization options include:

  • Custom profiles up to 22” wide and 7” tall
  • Tubing to 4” round
  • Multi-durometer and multi-color custom plastic extrusions
  • Tolerances of .010” or better, exceeding industry standards
  • Co- and tri-extruded plastic parts and components
  • Dies and plastic extruded shapes made to your specifications
  • Custom colors, including metallic, and color matching to pantone numbers
  • A wide range of raw materials including ABS, clear Acrylic, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Polycarbonate, Low Density Polyethylene, High Density Polyethylene, Polypropylene, High Impact Styrene, Polyurethane, PETG, Rigid PVC, Flexible PVC, Transparent PVC, Styrolux, TPR, TPE and more
  • Secondary options, including sawing, slotting, solvent bonding, tape application, taping, heat sealing, embossing, cutting, hot stamping, gluing, punching, special packaging, notches, coiling, drilling, holes, routing, labeling, mitering, multiple punching and CNC routing

Zauderer Associates also offers engineering expertise to help modify or produce your designs to ensure your custom profiles and extrusions are exactly what you need.

What are the common industries you serve for plastic profiles and extrusions?

Plastic profile and extrusions are used in many different industries and are preferred due to their customization options and relatively low price point. Common industries include:

  • Point of Purchase (POP) displays, including merchandisers, label holders, shelf edging and shelf talkers
  • Outdoor furniture, including seats and door tracks
  • Fences and garage door weathering
  • Medical devices, including sneeze guards
  • Commercial refrigeration, freezer units and ice machines
  • Appliances, including large appliances and household appliances
  • Marine applications, including boat guides, boat rub rails and marina accessories
  • Construction, including custom built plastic pallets and skids

Polyurethane Film

What is polyurethane film? Polyurethane film is also known as TPU film, urethane film, or PU film. It is a flexible film that is frequently used due long term durability and strength. It has many unique characteristics, including resistance to abrasion, breathability, and waterproofing capabilities, among many other traits. Polyurethane film is used in many “Can’t Fail” applications. Our manufacturer has 60 extrusion lines total, including 30 vertical blown film lines and 30 horizontal sheet extrusion lines.

What thicknesses of urethane film do you extrude, and what widths of urethane films can you provide?

Polyurethane sheet extruded films are available in thicknesses between .010” to .060” and widths between 6” to 96”.

What colors and finishes are available?

2,000 colors and 200 surface finishes are available, including matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss.

Do you supply polyether and polyester urethane films?

Yes, other films available include polyether urethane film, polyester urethane film, polyurethane barrier film, polyurethane breathable films, polyurethane blown film and hot melt film.

Can you supply medical grade urethane films?

Yes, medical grade films are available. We supply many medical applications due to polyurethane film’s ability to act as a barrier film and a breathable film. Our medical grade films can also have anti-microbial and hypoallergenic additives. Our medical grade films meet the most stringent medical requirements and can be used for both internal and external applications.

Can you supply UV resistant urethane films?

Yes, Zauderer Associates can provide UV resistant film that is appropriate for outdoor application.

What are the common industries you serve for polyurethane films?

Polyurethane films are used in many different industries and are preferred due to their unique characteristics. Polyurethane films are used in many critical “Can’t Fail” applications in medical and defense products.

Common industries include:

  • Apparel: Products use thin urethane films that can be laminated to various substrates to make a polyurethane barrier film, a polyurethane breathable film, or a combination of both
  • Automotive: Paint protection films are available
  • Ballistic: used as an interlayer in the production of prison and bullet resistant windows
  • Cell phone: film used in phone screen protection
  • Medical: film used in the manufacturing of bladders, alternating pressure mattresses for hospital beds, in operating rooms for disposable drapes and medical equipment to cut down on contamination between procedures, and in wheelchair cushion bladders
  • Military: flotation bladders

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