Gas Igniters, Sensors & Controls

Zauderer Associates provides years of experience and design expertise to help you fill your ignition system and safety control needs. We work with you and the manufacturer throughout the entire purchase process to make sure that your needs are being met.

Zauderer Associates partners with a manufacturer whose highest priority is quality in all its products. Our partner’s innovative products and methods also enable custom solutions to all your unique and rigorous requirements.

Some Of The Industries We Serve:

Commercial Cooking & Food Services, Fireplace,
Outdoor Heaters & Fire Pits, HVAC & Air Filtration

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Gas Igniters

Natural Gas & Propane
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Gas Igniters, Sensors and Controls

What is an igniter?
There are many types of igniters and ignition devices available, including the Piezo igniter, Battery Spark Igniter, Interlock Ignition Device and Direct Spark Ignition systems. Depending on the use, different types of igniters will be recommended. Piezo ignition is a simple device that is often used in simple BBQ grills, camping stoves, water heaters, firepits, fireplaces and even some cigarette lighters. No electrical connection is required to create a natural gas or propane gas flame. Battery spark igniters will use a battery to create an electrical spark to ignite a flame. In more complex situations and when there is possibility of more danger then Interlock Ignition Devices or Direct Spark Ignition systems will be recommended.
What is a flame sensor?
A flame sensor is a device that is inserted and held in the flame to make sure there is a flame there. If there is no longer a flame, then a signal will be sent back to the Interlock Ignition Device or a Manual Ignition Control to shut down the flow of gas.
What type of ignition system do I need?

The type of ignition system that is needed completely depends on the product and its end use.  There are multiple types of ignition systems available as well as features that can be included.  Whether the assembly needed is straightforward or complex, we have engineering expertise and specialized experience to meet your unique product needs.  Some of the components that you may need in your ignition system include:

  • DSI, HSI, and IID safety controls 
  • Piezoelectric gas igniters
  • Battery spark manual ignition modules and relighters
  • Wire assemblies, from simple processed wire to complete harnesses
  • Electrode assemblies including flame sensors and/or pilot lights
  • Specialized circuit board solutions
  • Thermostats and climate controls (for HVAC systems)
  • Transducers and filter assemblies
  • Glazed insulators
  • Custom bracket configurations
  • Customized displays and lighting systems
Can you provide me a complete ignition system?

Yes, we can provide a complete ignition system for both new products as well as retrofitting existing products.  Ignition systems can be custom designed and engineered and will be safe, efficient, and reliable.

Are your controls U.L and CSA approved?

CSA and U.L are two agencies that have developed standards and testing requirements to approve of systems safe for the public.  In addition to being UL approved and CSA approved, our products are manufactured with the following certifications:

  • ISO – 9001: 2008
  • ANSI Z21.77/CSA 6.23 – Piezo Ignition Systems
  • ANSI Z21.92/CSA 6.29 – Manually Operated Electric Gas Ignition Systems (Battery and Line Operated)
  • ANSI 21.20/CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 199 – Combustion Safety Controls
  • EN 298 – European Safety Controls (CE certification)

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