Manufacturer of Rivets and Cold Headed Fasteners for over 100 years.

See below for specific product and manufacturing highlights:

  • Quality: IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Standard Cold Headed Rivets include: Semi-tubular, Full tubular, Solid, Self-Piercing, compression, Cutlery, Split, and Tapped
  • Cold headed Fasteners Advantages: reduced material scrap, close repetitive and consistent tolerances at high speed, optimal for high volume requirements, significant cost savings
  • Rivet/Fastener Types: Collar, Complex, Cutlery, Electrical Contact, Fluted, Knurled, Rivet Cap, Self-Pierce, Shoulder, Square Shank, Split, Tapped, Tubular, Solid
  • Cold headed/Cold Formed Head Types: Button, Countersunk, decorative, flat, flat countersunk, oval, slotted, 6 lobe
  • Rivet Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Carbon Steel, Copper, Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel
  • Rivet Finishes: Anodizing, Black Oxide, Brass/Copper/Nickel/silver/gold plate, Galvanized, Painted, Zinc
  • Industries served include but are not limited to: Manufacturing, Transportation, Electrical, Cutlery, Aerospace, Hardware, Furniture, HVAC, and many more

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