Medical Applications of
Polyurethane Film

Why use polyurethane film for medical products?

Polyurethane films have many medical applications due to their ability as a barrier film, a breathable film, as well as providing great stretch and elongation. Our medical grade films can also have anti-microbial and hypoallergenic additives, which make them ideal material for mattress covers, operating room draping, prosthetics, bandages / wound care and positioners. There are many applications and medical products that currently use polyurethane film and we are also on the cutting edge of working with medical manufacturers to embed electronic sensors in the film that can then be used in mattresses, physical therapy gloves and other healthcare products, to help monitor patients. Polyurethane films meet the most stringent medical requirements and can be used for both internal and external medical applications.

Additional characteristics of our polyurethane film

  • LAMINATION – thin urethane films can be laminated to a variety of substrates for the purpose of creating a product that has a moisture barrier to repel fluids, a moisture barrier that is also breathable for many sports and medical related applications, and breathable films that add stability to a given substrate but allow breathability.
  • RADIO FREQUENCY SEALING (RF Sealing) – urethane films are a thermoplastic, which allows for RF and heat sealing of the films, to themselves.  This allows for the manufacture of air and fluid bladders used in many industries.
  • STERLIZEABLE – urethane films can be sterilized using Ethylene Oxide (EO) or by Gamma.
  • GREEN – urethane films are green, and the process of extruding films is managed with the safety of the environment in mind.
  • DURABILITY – urethane films are often used in non-fail applications due to urethane’s durability, abrasion resistance, elongation to break properties, excellent fatigue properties and a wide range of operating service temperatures, typically -60F to 200F.

Examples of medical applications using polyurethane film

  • Operating room drapes
  • Hospital Mattresses
  • Intermittent air compression pads
  • Hospital sheets and pads
  • Medical bags and bladders
  • Surgical gloves and gowns
  • Bandages and other wound care
  • Prosthetics
  • Positioning devices
  • PPP products

Bring us your medical ideas and product challenges and let us help determine an innovative design that meets even the most stringent quality requirements, tight timelines and constrained budgets.

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