Introduction To
Aluminum Extrusions

What are Aluminum Extrusions?

Aluminum extruding is a process that takes a “heated log of aluminum”, typically 500 pounds or more and under high pressure, forces the log thru a purpose-built die, to yield a net shape of your design.  If you look around, you will find many of these types of shapes in daily life, from window and door frames, cooking appliances, aircraft, fences, railing, computers, lighting, automobiles and trucks, furniture, heatsinks, solar power cells, ladders,  watercraft, buildings, store fixtures, hand tools, and many more.

Why Use Aluminum Extrusions?

The reason for using aluminum extrusions is simple.  It’s light weight, corrosion resistant, it has high strength to weight properties, excellent thermal conductivity, a good electrical conductor, non-magnetic, easily fabricated, recyclable, easily finished, ability to  be painted, anodized, polished and it is very resilient. 

Considerations for your aluminum extrusion project

There are many different alloys available today that can be extruded into a near net profile.  2000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 7000 series, but the most used is the 6000 series of aluminum.  The 6000 series has good strength, easily welded, machines well, heat treated, polished, painted and fabricated with most sheet metal equipment available today.  Just the best of all worlds.

Our sources can help you design the profile that meets your needs.  Tooling, in most cases, to get your profile designed is relatively inexpensive.  Our sources have the flexibility to match your “shape” with the extrusion equipment to manufacture it.  No need to find that “just right source”, as we have done all the hard work for you, with a lot of flexibility.  Do you need your parts cut to length with close tolerances?  We have the equipment to do it.  Do you need them machined, drilled or fabricated?  We can help.  Do you need someone to work with blanket orders and inventory material for you, to reduce lead times?  We’ll work with you.

With our many years of experience in the extrusion business, we can help solve your problems and allow you to bring your product to market, sooner and more efficiently.  Just send us drawings and what your expected annual usage may be of any extruded or fabricated part and we can present you with options that you’ve never considered.

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