Gas Igniters, Sensors, and Controls for Manufacturing: FAQs

For manufacturers of barbeque grills, fireplaces, commercial and residential cooking equipment, HVAC equipment, water heaters, and other appliances, the choice of an ignition system is an essential question of quality and safety. Zauderer Associates is committed to providing engineered solutions that will withstand rigorous use and high customer expectations. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you choose among the thousands of components and ignition systems on the market.

Which Type of Ignition System Do I Need?

The type of ignition system you need depends on its use in manufacturing. Common use cases for igniters and other components include:

  • BBQ or Kitchen Ignition Systems and Related Equipment
  • Fireplace Ignition Systems and Controls
  • Fire Pit Ignition Systems and Controls
  • HVAC Ignition Systems and Controls
  • Water Heater Ignition Systems

Depending on the application for your ignition system, you may need some or all of the following components:

  • DSI, HSI, and IID safety controls 
  • Piezoelectric gas igniters
  • Battery spark manual ignition modules and relighters
  • Wire assemblies, from simple processed wire to complete harnesses
  • Electrode assemblies including flame sensors and/or pilot lights
  • Specialized circuit board solutions
  • Thermostats and climate controls (for HVAC systems)
  • Transducers and filter assemblies
  • Glazed insulators
  • Custom bracket configurations
  • Customized displays and lighting systems

From straightforward to complex assemblies, we have engineering expertise and specialized experience in-house to meet the specific needs for high temperature or high voltage products.

Can You Provide Me with a Complete Ignition System?

Yes, we can provide a complete ignition system that is custom-engineered to be the safest, most efficient, most reliable, and most customer-centric option on the market. We are experienced at helping manufacturers worldwide design complete, trusted ignition systems that will get a product to market. We are also experienced at retrofitting existing products with upgraded cost-saving and performance-improving ignition systems. Here are some specifications that demonstrate the wide range of ignition systems available:

Igniters and Re-igniters

  • Push button and rotary piezo ceramic igniters with one (1), two (2), and three (3) output choices.
  • Battery operated ignition modules at 1.5 VDC and 9 VDC, offering one (1) to six (6) outputs.
  • Line voltage ignition modules operating on 120 VAC with two (2), four (4), and six (6) outputs.
  • Re-ignition systems at 9 and 12 VDC as well as 24 and 120 VAC.

Electrode Rod Materials Available:

  • Nichrome
  • Kanthal D
  • Kanthal A1
  • Kanthal APM
  • Additional Custom Materials Available

Alumina Ceramic Insulator Material Available:       

  • .260” diameter — available for .064” rod diameter electrode rods
  • .312” diameter — available for .064” .081” or .114” diameter electrode rods
  • .367” diameter — available .114” diameter electrode rods
  • Custom Insulator Sizes Are Available

Electrode Terminal Options

  • 250” X .032” (available on .114” and .081” rod diameters only)
  • .187” X .032” (available on .114” and .081” rod diameters only)
  • .110” X .032” (available on .064” rod diameter only)
  • Spark plug (.250” round)

High Voltage (25kVDC): 

  • UL 3257 250°C Silicone insulation
  • UL 1911 250°C Teflon insulation
  • UL 3575 200°C Silicone-glass braid

Low Voltage:

  • UL 1659 250°C Teflon insulation
  • UL 1332 200°C Teflon insulation
  • UL 1333 140°C Teflon insulation

What is the Piezo Push Button Igniter?

The push-button piezoelectric igniter is a proprietary type of igniter that is an innovation in the manufacturing of gas grills. This was the first push-button grill igniter to hit the market when every other grill was still being ignited by matches.

Piezoelectricity works because materials like quartz or PZT crystals generate an electrical charge when they are under pressure. When the button is pressed on the igniter, a high voltage discharge is produced which ignites the propane or natural gas. Since no external electrical connection is required, this type of igniter is a natural choice for outdoor products like gas grills and stoves. We provide multiple types of piezoelectric igniters, including both push button and rotary piezo igniters with single or double outputs, and a variety of mounts like snap-in igniters or threaded igniters.

Ignition Safety Controls

Our ignition safety controls are all microprocessor-based and operate in conjunction with other safety system components. These types of safety controls include direct spark ignition safety control, intermittent pilot ignition safety controls, and hot surface ignition safety controls. Some ignition safety control applications include:

  • Ignition configurations
  • Timing and operations sequencing
  • Air monitoring
  • Flame sensing
  • Fan controls
  • Thermostat voltage
  • Ignition trial options
  • Alarms

All these ignition safety controls can be integrated to your specifications and to meet regulations as part of a full ignition system we engineer for your products. These safety solutions are available at all voltages including 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 24 VAC, 120 VAC, and 240 VAC at 50/60 HZ. Our microprocessor-based designs are certified to CSA, ANSI Z21.20, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 199 and EN 298 standards.

Are Your Controls U.L. and CSA Approved?

Sourcing ignition system components like igniters, sensors, and controls that are approved by both Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is the gold standard of quality. In addition to being UL approved and CSA approved, our products are manufactured with the following certifications:

  • ISO – 9001: 2008
  • ANSI Z21.77/CSA 6.23 – Piezo Ignition Systems
  • ANSI Z21.92/CSA 6.29 – Manually Operated Electric Gas Ignition Systems (Battery and Line Operated)
  • ANSI 21.20/CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 199 – Combustion Safety Controls
  • EN 298 – European Safety Controls (CE certification)

Achieve Innovation Through Ignition Systems and Engineering

Zauderer Associates brings over 40 years of experience in advanced ignition technology to your project. Clients around the world, across almost every industry rely on us for world-class engineering, products, and support. With products engineered, manufactured, and distributed from America’s heartland, you can trust our reliability, integrity, and experience to help you manufacture products that ignite and delight your customers.

We hope this list of FAQs has given you some insights into igniters, ignition systems, and sourcing custom ignition technology for your manufacturing operations. If you still have more questions about your facility’s needs or whether we have the capability to fill your order quickly, reach out to Zauderer Associates today.

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