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Want to Bring Manufacturing Back to North America????  So Do We!


Why not see what we can do for you?  Our team of dedicated sales professionals is ready to help you bring your product to market in Eastern United States and Southern Canada.  Having been in business since 1954, most of the manufacturers in this area know us and welcome our visits.  This gives you immediate access to new projects so you can be introduced at the design level.

By maintaining a fully equipped regional office in each manufacturing center you are provided with maximum sales coverage. Our people are located close enough to industry hubs to respond immediately to any emergency - benefiting both you and your customer. Direct sales are handled by each regional manager, with backup from our headquarters in New York and our admin centers in Charlotte and Atlanta. Our salesmen are seasoned sales professionals with strong engineering backgrounds. We believe that selling in person through engineering and purchasing and presenting the correct image of our Principal to the customer is still the strongest way to present your product to the market.

Interested in coverage WEST of the Mississippi?  Let's talk!  We've begun expansion to the West Coast and would welcome the opportunity to represent you in this part of the country.

If you would like to receive more information about us, please fill in the following or just give us a call - we look forward to hearing from you.


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